Friday, December 17, 2010

Hopefully, I can get the guts for this zine printed out today. I'll post where to get 'em soon as I got 'em. Handmade, silk-screened, cover, and art by Luke Hussack. 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Porter Draw is a good timey, country band, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is their first album. Artwork by Luke Hussack. 2008

I don't really know what's happening here. Artwork by Luke Hussack. 2007
Here's a flyer for a Chemtrail Pilot, show. Listen to what they say. Don't be skerred. Artwork by Luke Hussack. 2010
Here's a photo I took of my cousin flying off a cliff. This was '05, in Honolulu, HI. Weeee! He didn't die, but it was super sketchy getting back up on those rocks. Sea urchins, and such.
I like taking pictures. Here's one I took of my friend, Jen's, feet.
Photos by Luke Hussack
Old photos are fun shit! Here's this old Devo installation Luke Hussack did back in, uhh.., '05, maybe, at The Wulrus Feet Gallery, in Lancaster, PA.
Photo and art by Luke Hussack
Here's an old photo I found of the Creeps Show, back in 2007?, in Lancaster, PA. This was a funnn, group, show. Maybe, like, 7 different artists, all drew some creeps that they knew around town (Lancaster has a few), and then we printed 'em out real big, see, and glued 'em to cardboard, right, then we put 'em up all over town. This is Ryan Blythe's gallery, that Luke Hussack curated for the show, and drew a big 'ol mural on the wall, inside.
Photo by Luke Hussack

Monday, December 13, 2010

I like this idea of comic flyers, or, like, choose your own adventure flyers. I made a one color print of these, but, shit, I dun lost et. The show was pretty fun. A ton of people came out to this one. Art by Luke Hussack. 2009
It took me a while to upload this jpq. Hmmm....maybe it's evil, maybe not. This was a good n heavy show. Heavy o plenty. Artwork by Luke Hussack. 2010
This is another one I did for the now de-funked, Wonderkind Collective, aka, Coalmind Reactive, aka, Unkind, aka, One Kind, aka, etc. I also found the barf colour (computer color), at this link: by Luke Hussack. 2010
This is for the Sabertooth Cavity dudes. It was their tour poster for the east coast, "we pow pow tour" they did last fall. Artwork by Luke Hussack

Here's somthing kinda different done for The Wonderkind Collective. This was a really good show! I made this after flying back home to Pennsylvania. I used the real American Airlines manuel, pamphlet, layout. Design by Brapola! 2010
Here's some more of that vomit colour. This was suitable for facebook. Artwork by Luke Hussack. 2010
Sticking with the water color theme, here's a poster made for a show at Fort Bicycle. Vomit colour, with water color. I think this one is a pretty gross attempt. This show was great! Good people, good noise. Artwork by Luke Hussack. 2010
Here's a video of The Death Convention Singers playing the "bass piece" somewhere.
So, here's this poster for Adam Hooks and His Hangups. Artwork by Luke Hussack. 2010

New Mexico In Five Years In A Hundred Pieces

"Aloe" by ¡Brapola! 2010